Our Mission

Affordable & Sustainable Buildings

We are a new company looking to develop land in Bristol and the local area into affordable low energy, sustainable and healthy homes built to Passive house standards.  We believe that current building regulations offer little to help create homes for the future. With and average newbuild home energy bills costing 8-10 times more than an average Passive house in the UK that costs around £100 for annual energy bills. Passive house design also offers superior comfort in the summer and winter and offers a healthy environment to live in.


Although this is our main orientation, we also offer building services to the public including


Passive house and low energy building strategy and design evaluation

Home and office specialist lighting design

Digital plans and details to scale

Mechanical ventilation strategy and design

Thermal overheating assessment and strategy

Predicted costing and payback for buildings and equipment

Home automation design and install

Our Core Values

  • Affordable,

    sustainable and healthy building design

  • Design for future, reducing energy needs and planning for a smarter energy grid

  • The use of low and renewable technologies