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Automatic lights, heating, ventilation, shading and security into one integrated system, allowing monitoring and control from afar


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The foundation of our business is build around the Passivhaus design and build principle that arguably is the answer to the modern housing challenges that face us. By making homes more comfortable, healthier and more energy efficient Passivhaus route is ahead in many ways, exceeding official UK design criteria.
Energy management in Buildings
If you are at an early stage of the design process we can offer valuable input into making your building more efficient and offer possibilities to future proof your design. Anything from material choices to form, orientation and relation to the local environment every site is unique in both it's location and micro climate. Careful analysis early on can save later on.
Energy Assesment
Design principle, modelling and analytics
As many automation systems on the market provide a wide range of possibilities LOXONE home automation is a stand alone system that is flexible and works with any 3rd party system from motorized louvers to heating valves and lighting. The flexibility of this system is enormous. Door safety, water detection and isolation of mains, central detection and alarm system, automatic lights and much much more!
Home Automation
We provide lighting for both commercial and domestic settings. We use industry leading modelling software to achieve precise designs for our clients.
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